Letters and testimonials


Dr. Ikenze gave me my life back. When I called Dr. Ikenze I was desperate and told her so. My conventional doctors had told me there was nothing left they could do for me.  I was in severe pain in multiple parts of my body, unable to put shoes on because my feet were so swollen and tender, unable to walk due to pain in my feet, sciatic pain and, at times, unable to even get out of bed due to severe back pain. If it wasn’t for Dr. Ikenze I believe I would be in a wheelchair.
After just a few months of working with Dr. Ikenze I was able to put shoes on – something I had not been able to do due to extreme pain and swelling for over six months.  More than that, I was even able to put ski boots on and ski with my husband and children.  Within nine months I was hiking all over with my children, biking, walking our dog, dancing and essentially living pain free.
Dr. Ikenze is amazing.  Her disposition is warm, caring and incredibly thoughtful. I thank god my doctor in San Francisco recommended I call her. Because of Dr. Ikenze I am living life again as anyone would hope to, pain free and without the use of any prescription drugs.  Most importantly, I am able to be the mother I want to be to my young children and I am no longer on the sidelines.
Dr. Ikenze, you are a god send and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom, your expertise and your continual warmth and care. You gave me hope and encouragement when I was so very low and you made it possible to be whole again.
K. J.
April 2017



Dear Dr Ikenze,
I have to start by saying thank you for your typical kindness, patience and graciousness towards my emotional and mental health. Despite how embarrassed I feel about approaching you, you always try to make things better and I am deeply grateful.
I promised to let you know how taking the remedy went, so here goes. I am still taking it, 5 pills first thing every morning and yes, I can feel a big difference in my mental and emotional state. I am less panicky, I don’t wake with anxiety and fear so much anymore, I am much calmer and most importantly, more able to mentally step back from situations and assess my emotional state and feelings before I get into the spiral of worrying or revisiting or just thinking constantly on an issue. It​ is such a relief and so comforting to have this control back! It is not perfect but I try and remind myself to just keep doing it and I will be okay.
I am also trying to be more forgiving of myself and less critical AND by extension less critical of my relationship, friends and colleagues. However in this I think the change has been much less rapid and obvious.
So this rambling email is trying to say, yes I am feeling much better, calmer with less fear of “reality” and a very big thank you!
Look forward to hearing from you, much much​ love and respect always, namaste.
March 2017




The remedies Dr. Ikenze has been sending my mother these past 4 years have helped her so much. She has had two Dexa scans for her osteoporosis, the most recent being this month. Each has shown continued significant improvement in her bone density. She is also doing her part by doing pilates twice a week with a personal trainer. Her doctor is amazed with the progress. We are most grateful for this improvement and want to share this news and gratitude with Dr. Ikenze.


Arcata, CA

January, 2015



10 years ago I had surgery to remove a tumor from my pituitary gland (successful surgery, benign tumor) that left my pituitary gland quite damaged and non functioning. As a result, my body doesn’t make most of it’s own hormones anymore and I have to supplement 5 of them with molecular identical ones made by the pharmaceutical industry. In many ways I’ve managed just fine like this and in some key ways I’ve really struggled. Some things were very concrete. My body didn’t (doesn’t) make it’s own energy and I therefore had less fuel in the tank than before (and if I took enough medicine to give me extra energy it would come along with severe side effects like irritability, confusion and weight gain). Then there were subtle, things that were even more troubling. Things like not feeling like I could get back to the core of who I am, or feel my connection to spirit and place and people in the same way. In the last few years I’ve been helping to raise a little boy and all of those difficulties became more glaring. In the beginning I had pursued more holistic ways of dealing with this and nothing really helped so the result , if you will, was that my faith in alternative medicines had also slipped.Dr Ikenze became the pediatrician for the boy I’m helping to raise, and his mother turned me on to the idea of a constitutional remedy. I needed to and was ready to do something more So I made an appointment for myself. I will admit that besides a loss of faith in alternative and traditional healing methods I’d always had skepticism about Homeopathy. Well, I am a skeptic no more!The results of the remedy I’ve been on (which also impelled me to make and follow through on some other very important self care decisions) have been nothing short of profound! Energy, determination, feeling my sport and heart and being; having people who’ve known me for 20 years tell me they’ve never seen me look better. It’s been amazing and beautiful and I am filled with gratitude! Beside’s that, the experience of working with Dr. Ikenze has been wonderful. Her method of learning about me and contemplating my case was very enjoyable and, frankly, that alone was helpful for revealing those places where I had let myself become stuck. So, in regards to Dr. Ikenze and the constitutional remedy I feel like I’ve won coming and going and I have nothing but the highest praise and my highest recommendation for anyone looking to take a step or two towards a really good place in their life and health.
San Rafael, CA
February, 2014




Hi… We have a good update for my husband. His Creatinine came down .2 (two tenths) which wasn’t much but a good sign. His Phosphorus came down and his GRF held its own … 15… which surprised and pleased them. The great news is that his doctors have put off his dialysis training for at least a few months… perhaps indefinitely. And that gives us time to allow the next stage of healing. So how shall we proceed homeopathically? Should he continue the remedy? Thank you so, so much for your help. We are deeply grateful.
Fort Bragg, CA
September, 2013



The remedy you prescribed has proven to be quite the remedy for my restlessness and trouble with concentration. It is the closest thing to Ritalin or dexedrine I have come across. It has REALLY helped me focus for long periods of time, for instance being able to sit and read for 2 hours at a time. Also it has helped tremendously with keeping up and completing projects like coming back to a poem I am working on and spending time editing or simple things like not letting my dishes pile up etc… Have you ever given this remedy to a kid with, “ADD,” before? If not maybe you should try. Anyways, it has been great. I am busy busy busy busy. Thank you for finding the remedy.

K. F. 

Barcelona, Spain

March, 2013



Dr. Ikenze is a miracle worker! I have been a long-time patient of Dr. Ikenze but came to her a few months ago when I was told by my orthodox medicine doctor that little could be done and that surgery was the best route. I was suffering from endometriosis, level 1 spondylothesis, stomach issues, sudden acne, and fatigue. Well, three months later and I am a whole new woman! My back pain has been reduced by 75% and I no longer suffer from sleepless nights due to excruciating back pain. My periods are now pain free and in my opinion, the endometriosis is gone. I’m energetic, no stomach problems, and my skin is improving everyday! I can not thank Dr. Ikenze and her work with homeopathy enough, I am so grateful.


Novato, CA

March, 2013


I have long believed in the healing power of homeopathy and have personally witnessed its curative effects for decades. I have studied its practice and was, for a brief period, the American distributor for the renowned British homeopathic pharmacy, Nelson and Company. I have come to appreciate that homeopathy, while a rigorous empirical science, is also an art. To my great benefit, I have discovered an amazing, inspirational, practitioner, Dr. Ifeoma Ikenze, in San Anselmo, California who personifies this.

A year and a half after prostate cancer and a radical prostatectomy, I was referred to Dr. Ikenze for continuing erectile dysfunction and incontinence. I had made substantial progress on both fronts but not nearly as fast or as complete as I wished. On a scale of one to ten, my erections had reached a six, happily just enough for penetration. But the day after a single treatment by Dr. Ikenze I returned to my pre-surgery norm of a nine or ten and have remained at this new normal ever since. Incontinence also improved rather dramatically. As the person who recommended her to me said, “she is the real thing.”

D. H.

San Francisco, CA

December 2012



After relocating to Marin from the East Bay, our 9 year-old daughter started suffering from some major allergy symptoms. Even before the move, her colds frequently led to bronchitis and a lingering congestion, and she frequently had dark circles under her eyes.  We sought Dr. Ikenze’s help with her frequency of illnesses and also her general health between viruses.  After about 6 months of the remedies that Dr. Ikenze prescribed for our daughter, she is now in much better health.  The dark circles are gone fron under her eyes, and  when she is sick, which is less frequent, the duration is much shorter and I can’t remember the last time she had lingering congestion or a prolonged cough. Dr. Ikenze’s treatment has had a major positive impact on our daughter’s health.

K. R.

San Rafael, CA 

November 2012


Before seeking treatment from Dr. Ikenze for symptoms related to menopause, I sought treatment from various other medical doctors and through acupuncture and herbs. Though some of the other modalities seemed to help temporarily, I continued to suffer with hot flashes that would endure no matter what I did, and other symptoms.

Dr. Ikenze listened to my description of my specific situation and she prescribed a remedy. I felt remarkably better beginning the very next day. My skin no longer looks as though I have been roasting under a sunlamp and the throbbing hot flashes have almost entirely disappeared. I am sleeping better so I have higher energy during the day. I recommend homeopathy without reservation for anyone suffering from the ravages of menopause.

Catherine H.

Mill Valley, CA

August 2012

After 4 sinus infections in the last 10 months, taking 4 rounds of antibiotics, with a newly prescribed round of stronger antibiotics and steroids in hand, I came limping into Dr. Ikenze’s office feeling virtually hopeless.  Dr. Ikenze, with her keen ability to determine the correct remedies, has turned my life around.  After only two weeks of taking her remedies (and refraining from taking the antibiotics and steroids) I finally feel like I can go through my day with a sense of joy, gratitude and feeling of wellness.  Words cannot capture how happy I am to know that Dr. Ikenze is there to monitor my health and guide me on my path to remaining strong and resilient. Thank you, Dr. Ikenze, from the bottom of my heart!


San Rafael, CA

August 2012

I feel so much better!  I can hardly believe it.  It’s WONDERFUL.  I feel more like my former, younger, happier self than I have in 30 years.  My expectations were small when I consulted with you. Over too many years, I had seen a homeopath in Santa Barbara, naturopaths, accupuncturists, therapists and doctors who in the end made only a little difference in my search for a cure of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There was one exception, a naturopath in Portland Oregon, who really helped me but she didn’t know how to help me further or to whom to send me next. A few months ago, when my good friends were talking about you so highly and enthusiastically, I thought ‘what’s to loose” by seeing you.  Little did I know, that this time I’d meet the BEST by far HEALER for me.  I’m astonished to be reborn.  I haven’t felt this alive, present, energized, mentally clear, stable and balanced so consistently for a long, long time.  Now I have a life before me that I can count on enjoying and can look forward to, with  positive energy to pursue interests and to make a contribution before I pass.  Honestly, I wish every member of my family and everybody I love could see you.  Thanks more deeply than words can express for bringing back my wholeness and brightness.

G. F.

Bainbridge Island, WA

July 2012

Dr. Ikenze –

I am writing this to let you know that I received my results from my Bone Density Scan and miracle of miracles – I am no longer showing osteoporosis but osteopenia in both my hip and spine.  The homeopathics definitely are working for bone growth.  I am so excited.  My primary doctor was unsure how this happened as the infusion could not have worked this quickly.

Thank you so much.  You are a healer and I am so glad you are here for us……


San Anselmo CA

April 2012

In 2006 on my dream vacation in Africa, I was bitten by a tick and diagnosed with South African Tick Fever. Immediately upon my return, I saw an infectious disease specialist as well as a tick specialist who gave me multiple antibiotics for more than 6 months. However, months later, I was still having debilitating symptoms including being extremely skinny (I lost over 10 lbs in one week when I first got sick and couldn’t regain it) and extreme fatigued. Dr. Ikenze helped me so much–She not only prescribed homeopathics for the tick illness specifically but also for my overall constitution. It has been a long journey but thankfully Dr. Ikenze’s expertise in homeopathy found me the right remedies to make a recovery and get my life back.  She has also been helpful in acute situations—for example, all of a sudden my eyes started drying out, she gave me a remedy and within hours my eyes started lubricating and feeling moist again. In addition, Dr. Ikenze is kind, caring and compassionate! Plus with her qualifications as both an MD and homeopathic doctor, you know you are getting the best of both medical paths. I am so grateful that Dr. Ikenze is my doctor!
Mill Valley, CA
March 2012

Dr Ikenze,

I wanted to thank you for prescribing the Belladonna remedy for my hormonal migraines.  Although I spoke to you several months ago and said I would send you a note when I used it, I just got my first period since our conversation.  I used the Belladonna as you instructed and it has been very helpful.  As far as my fatigue and associated symptoms, I seem to have better periods and  overall improving.  Thank you.


Keene, NH

January, 2012



Dear Dr Ikenze,

I would like to thank you for the extensive work that you have done to help my son.  As a parent facing the various forms of pressure to treat my 6 year old son’s “condition” with potentially harmful pharmaceutical drugs, I found your homeopathic approach to be honest, supportive and extremely effective.  After many hours of conscious deliberation, you found the remedy to correct his imbalance.  With your help, we were able to create a treatment plan that allowed my son to benefit from what many people would call his disability.  Thank you Dr Ikenze.
With gratitude,

San Rafael CA

January, 2012




Hi Dr. Ikenze

I just wanted to check in and let you know how the homeopathic prescriptions you gave me for my chronic allergies and sinus infections were working out. I didn’t start them until last week, back at college, when I actually got sick with a sore throat and allergies and was worried I was getting a sinus infection. But then I started taking the homeopathic medicine and I almost immediately cleared up. It was really amazing. So I have been feeling a lot better.


Boston, MA

October, 2011




Dear Dr. Ifeoma Ikenze,
I just wanted to express my deepest appreciation for bringing some light to a health condition that had disturbed all aspects of my life for nearly 30 years. I am so glad I was recently referred to you, which means I still have all the rest of my life to live nearly free (or perhaps completely free) of that health condition that had caused an unnecessary suffering for so long. I admit I was a little skeptical
to try anything different than conventional medicine. Luckily a loved one insisted: “you should try it, it might change your life”. Well, it just did it, and for the better, way much better! I can only hope that other people will have the blessing of being referred to you, like I
was (hopefully sooner rather than later in their lives). Words can not describe how thankful I am. So I will just say: “Thank you very much!
From the bottom my heart, thank you!”
A. A.

San Francisco CA

July, 2011



“Seventeen years ago, my beautiful daughter Tessa was born. We were thrilled. Unfortunately, she had an extremely rough first few months. She cried (more like screamed) nearly full time. We were told her digestive system was underdeveloped, and were sent to UCSF for extensive testing and treatment. She was put on six medications, to be taken for ‘at least the first few years’, no specific diagnosis, and the meds did nothing to help. She even spent two separate weeks back in the hospital for unexplained urinary tract infections (very rare in newborns). Still, no clear explanations and no real treatment plan that worked.

Enter Dr. Ifeoma Ikenze, who I’d heard about at our Mommy & Me class. She was described as a very special homeopathic pediatrician. A firm believer in alternative medicine, I was anxious to meet with her. She asked me many questions about Tess, went into her office ‘to think for a bit’ and returned a few minutes later with one homeopathic remedy for Tess–little white pills to melt under the tongue. Her directions were to immediately stop all other meds and give Tess the remedy twice daily for a few weeks. I was terrified, but gave Tess three homeopathic pills that first night, and hoped and prayed for something good to happen.

Well, the results were immediate and nothing short of miraculous. The very next morning, Tess was a perfectly healthy, happy, bouncing baby girl–her problems having disappeared. I’ve never been so relieved–or grateful– in my life. And the issue never returned.

In my house, Dr. Ikenze is more highly respected than anyone else I know. She is a beautiful, generous, amazingly talented doctor. Tess just turned 17, and she feels blessed to have a very special ‘fairy godmother’ to watch over her.”
Moraga, CA


“Dr. Ikenze has been my primary physician for over 10 years. Her expertise in homeopathy and western medicine is exceptional.  Over the years I have developed absolute faith in homeopathic treatment and feel blessed to have discovered such an incredibly gentle and sympathetic medicine. My constitutional remedy, prescribed to me by Dr. Ikenze, has absolutely  changed my life. It has helped me move forward and stay true to my path. When I take my remedy I flow, I move, and feel profoundly connected to my relationship with mother earth, womanhood, and my higher self.  My anxiety level is lower, my heart is fuller and my health is better with the help of my constitutional remedy and Dr. Ikenze’s guidance.”
San Francisco, CA


“We are so blessed to have met Dr. Ikenze 17 years ago.  Her approach in treating our illnesses with homeopathy first has allowed me to keep my children off of antibiotics except in cases such as strep.  I met Dr. Ikenze after I had been treated with antibiotics for three months with little or no results. Dr. Ikenze met with me, prescribed a remedy, and within 24 hours I was feeling better and within a week I was 100%.  With my youngest child, Dr. Ikenze’s dedication to finding the right remedy kept him from having to have his ears lanced and tubes inserted to treat his chronic ear infections.  Once the right remedy was found his ear infections went away.  My oldest son is heading to college in the Fall with a homeopathic kit and Dr. Ikenze’s phone number.”
Mill Valley, CA


“I have been using homeopathy prescribed by Dr. Ikenze for about 16 years now. I have seen much help. The first time I used it was when I was working as a registered nurse and contracted mononucleosis. I gave it to my 3 other family members. Homeopathy prevented the overwhelming fatigue and we were all cured of it. Over the last year I have suffered from cystitis several times. The medical doctors have not been able to help me as the signs and symptoms continue to return with unbearable urinary burning pain. Dr. Ikenze has helped me considerably. As an RN, I believe homeopathy works well once the correct remedy is found and Dr. Ikenze is very intuitive and persistent in helping her patients. I highly recommend her knowledge and expertise and she is the first doctor I have continued to see for 16 years ongoing.”
Novato, CA


“I took my son Nick to see Dr. Ikenze when he was 6 months old. He was diagnosed at 4 months of age with a rare, incurable disease known as Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. He had a skin rash over his entire body and numerous enlarged lymph nodes. The homeopathic remedies cleared his skin rash within several months. He went into spontaneous remission. The lymph nodes remain but present no problems. Over the years, Nick has seen Dr. Ikenze for chronic ear infections, allergies, constipation, wounds and other ailments. I believe Dr. Ikenze and homeopathy saved my sons life from this rare disease. Nick has had a rectal tear and fissure for several years now. Kaiser diagnosed him and put him on laxatives. They never did further testing even though he was anemic and it was not healing. Dr. Ikenze put him on two different remedies over the course of a year and the rectal tear and fissure are completely gone. He is currently decreasing his dose of laxatives in the hopes of weaning off them and having a normal teenage life. ”
Novato, CA


“I am writing this to personally thank you for all you did when I was young. I myself, was reminded of this when I was eating at a restaurant. I saw this overweight child walking in and he had blotches of red all over his face like I had when I was younger. I immediately felt like crying. I told my dad that that child reminded me of myself when I had all the eczema around my own face. We then received our food and were on our way out when my dad was telling me the story of how I was cured of my eczema by you. After he told me the rest, I cried. I really think that you changed my life. And for that, I thank you so much.”
With love,
Arthur Age 13
Lucerne, CA


“When I first went to see Dr. Ikenze, I was feeling emotionally out of sorts and vulnerable. I had been thrown abruptly into menopause and was coping with numerous hot flashes, disruptive insomnia, and significant weight loss. Dr. Ikenze listened intently as I provided medical history, but perhaps more importantly, she listened to the effects that menopause was having on my psyche. She prescribed a homeopathic remedy, and I immediately experienced some relief in terms of diminished hot flashes and more restful sleep. A month later, at my second visit, I noted the vast improvement, and Dr. Ikenze offered an additional remedy. The results have been more than I could have imagined. I can sustain solid sleep, I experience very few hot flashes, and my weight has stabilized. With proper sleep, I feel emotionally stable once again. All of this was accomplished within a two month period and without a western medical intervention of hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Ikenze has an amazing gift, and I am so grateful to her for all she has done for me.”
San Francisco,  CA


I consider myself very lucky to be a patient of Dr. Ikenze. For over 12 years I have appreciated her holistic combination of homeopathic treatment backed up by traditional Western medicine. She is a caring intuitive healer.
John W. Herbert, Ph.D.
Ketchum, ID


It had been 2 years since the baby was born.  It was a complicated pregnancy and delivery and afterwards I thought the constant fatigue and exhaustion was simply from the stress and trauma and would resolve given time and rest.  But the symptoms became more progressive and my life became one of caring for the bare necessities of my children and then going to sleep.  I frequently suffered from minor infections – recurrent yeast infections, urinary tract infections and colds.  I had progressive numbness which started in my upper arms and then extended down to my hands and ultimately started affecting my legs as well.  But worst of all of the symptoms was the completely overwhelming exhaustion.  My time with my husband disappeared as he had to take over many of the duties of the house while I slept.  We had to call in help for daily activities; cleaning the house, driving the kids to their activities.  We quickly used up the medical resources of our rural Alaska physician.  We travelled 2500 miles to the Mayo Clinic for a full week of testing and physician consultations without a definitive source identified.  Western medicine alone was failing us.  Dr. Ikenze had been instrumental in helping our first daughter when she was an infant and we looked to her now to help with my problem.  We were beginning to lose hope until Dr. Ikenze said she expected we would see positive results from the remedy within a few weeks.  She was right.  Within a short time the numbness receded.  The infections became less frequent and my ability to stay awake and involved with my family has dramatically improved.  I no longer fear that a walk with my children will incapacitate me for the rest of the week.  My energy level has returned to 80% of where it was before the pregnancy.  My family and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Ikenze.


Ketchikan, Alaska


Dear Dr Ikenze,
“Raphael and I were devastated when the doctor gave up and said quit your profession. He loves his work. You healed him and we are so grateful. My prayers are with you.”
Gretchen Grace, “mom”


“Thank you so much for healing my hands. Now I can do my work pain and worry free. You are a great healer and my mom and I tell everyone about you.”
San Rafael, CA



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