Feature Publications

AETNA 2013 Calendar
Dr Ikenze is honored as one of 12 African-American Complementary Medicine Practitioners featured in the 2013 calendar

Marin Independent Journal
June 2011
Novato boy’s homeopathic treatment demonstrates difficulty of evaluating alternative remedy

California Style
December 2008
Doctors Without Borders

Marin Medicine
Fall 2008
My Journey Into Homeopathy

Treatment Options
May 2007
An Interview with Dr Ikenze

San Francisco
January 2004
150 Best Doctors

San Francisco Focus
March 1997
The Bay Areas Top Alternative Care Practitioners

Marin Independent Journal
March 1999
Lifestyles: How To Put Insomnia To Rest

October 1995
Ear Infections

Marin Independent Journal
September 1996
In Search of A Cure

San Francisco Medicine
June 1993
Homeopathy’s Place in the Medical Arsenal

City Woman
April 1993
Women of Excellence

San Francisco Focus
March 1992
Homeopathy Branches Out

Newsweek Special Issue
Summer 1991
Doctoring Without Drugs


Lectures, Seminars and Video Presentations


Pune, India April 2016

Challenging Cases in Pediatric Homeopathy






Atlanta, Georgia 2015

Finding Freedom Through Personal Responsibility









Washington D.C. 2015

Healing Depression And Anxiety Beyond Drugs

International Complementary Medicine Conference 

Hyderabad, India 2013

india photo



Holistic Health For Women 

Lagos Nigeria, 2013


Patryusha Institute Of technology And Management
Chennai, India – September 2012
Biotechnology Symposium
Keynote Speaker
Biotechnology And Ethics

California Homeopathic Medical Society
Annual Meeting – May 2012
Case Presentation

International Women’s Congress
Toronto, Canada – November 2011
Menopause and Homeopathy

Hyderabad, India
October 2010
7-day speaking tour, in villages, churches, temples, schools and universities on Women’s Issues and Women’s Health

Body Mind and Spirit Expo
Pasadena, CA – September 2010
Managing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Without Drugs

Pacific Academy For Homeopathy
San Francisco CA – April 2010
Treating Pediatric Asthma with Homeopathy

Hyderabad, India
February 2010
5-day speaking tour on Individual and Collective Responsibility in the Developing World

Tamalpais District Adult Education
Marin County, CA – January 2010
Women’s Health 101

Northern Light Academy
Oakland, CA – November 2009
Impossible Is Nothing Speaker Series

Tamalpais District Adult Education
Marin County, CA – October 2009
Living With Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

UCSF School of Health Sciences
San Francisco, CA – April 2009
Career Paths in Complementary Medicine

American Joint Homeopathic Conference
Bellevue, WA – March 2009
Raising Healthy Kids with Homeopathy

Renewal Retreats
February 2009
Aging Gracefully and Healthily

Georgia State Juvenile Detention Center
Atlanta, GA – August 2008
Finding Freedom In Responsibility

Mill Valley Community Center
Mill Valley, CA – June 2007
Women, Who Are We And Why Are We?

California Homeopathic Medical Society
April 2006
A Case of Seizures and Migraine Headaches

USF School of Nursing
San Francisco, CA – 2005–2006
Advanced Practice Preceptor for Family Nurse Practitioner Students

Women’s Retreat
Victoriaville, PQ – September 2002
Our Spirits, Our Bodies, Our Health

Montreal Public Library
Montreal, PQ – 2002
Homeopathy and Holistic Health

UCSF School of Health Sciences
San Francisco, CA – April 2001
Homeopathy in Integrative Medicine

Ottawa Public Library
Ottawa, Ontario – June 2000
Intellect, Intelligence And Intuition –
Tools For Survival In The Millenium

Healing Quest Videos
Virtual Daylight, Homeopathy & Permaculture

Women’s Retreat
Lac Simon, PQ – September 1999
For The Spirit of Woman

Portland Public Library
Portland, ME – November 1999
Homeopathy, Medicine For The Next Century

Bangor Unified High School
Bangor, ME – November 1999
Suffering and Youth Violence

Children And Women’s Health Centre Of B.C.
Vancouver, BC -January 1999
Holistic Health For The Family

Vancouver Public Library
Vancouver, BC – January 1999
The Age Of Aquarius, Fact Or Fiction?

Mount Vernon Public Library
Mt Vernon, OH – October 1998
Youth Violence, A Cry For Help

The Universal Light Expo
Columbus, OH – October 1998
Keynote Speaker: Living In The Age of Aquarius

Kenyon College
Gambier, OH – October 1998
The Significance of Gender

The Learning Annex
New York, NY – July 1997
Washington DC – August 1997
Why We Live After Death

Gaia Community Center
Berkeley, CA – June 1997
Living Consciously From Birth to Death

National Medical Association
July 1995
Homeopathy in the Management of Obesity,
Diabetes and Heart disease

Gorbachev Foundation, State Of The World Forum
San Francisco, CA – September 1995
Panelist and Speaker

American Women’s Medical Association
Vail, CO – June 1994
Homeopathy in Women’s Health

A New Leaf Bookstore
Larkspur, CA – January 1992
Regaining Your Feminine Spirituality