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When you go to see your doctor with a physical complaint,  the doctor often has only a few minutes to superficially diagnose and treat your problem. The diagnosis usually results in an allopathic medicine to relieve your symptoms. However in that brief encounter your doctor can not possibly know anything about the totality of you as a person. Did he or she discuss what is happening in your life; your anxieties, your fears, relationships, work, family? So it is no wonder the prescription acts only palliatively or temporarily to mask the symptoms. It does not get to the root causes of your symptoms and therefore, cannot eradicate your condition, or restore you to total health, because the conventional medical approach, until recently, was limited to physical exams and lab tests focusing on you simply as a one-size-fits-all organism.

But to find true answers and discover the underlying cause of your complaints, an in-depth look at everything going on in your life, which is as important as the assessment of all your physical processes, is critical. A few minutes will never suffice, nor will multiple or expensive lab tests.

A homeopathic physician must enter into your deepest experiences, physical, mental and emotional, in order to feel what you feel and thereby understand you as an intelligent and sentient being in addition to the fact you are a living, functioning organism. Only then can she find that medicine that will bring about a complete restoration to health, on the physical, mental, emotional and psychic levels of your entire being, and lead you to a more complete understanding of yourself and your body. A homeopathic approach integrates all dimensions of your person in a way that restores wholeness in your entire being in addition to addressing pain or discomfort.


Homeopathy was developed by German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, in the eighteenth century. It is based on three fundamental principles;

  • All disease, whether physical or emotional, evident or nonevident, is real and due to an imbalance or disruption in the vital intelligent energy within the individual. This energy is called the vital force. In other words your symptoms are real and not just in your head, even if the lab tests detect nothing!
  • We can find, if we seek diligently, everything necessary for the healing of any disease or condition in its totality of symptoms. That means that there really are no incurable diseases, we have just have not arrived at all the cures.
  • By seeking that natural substance that in its essence most closely resembles the dynamic state of the disrupted individual, and administering that natural substance in a dynamized form, one can restore balance and complete health in the totality of the being – emotional, mental and physical- rapidly, painlessly and without side effects.

Conventional allopathic medicines are valuable and have proved effective in treating many acute conditions and symptoms. But they have not proved to be as effective in eradicating chronic illness in adults or children. Allopathic medicines mostly work by attempting to counteract the disease process (e.g. anti-inflammatories,  antibiotics, etc) or by substituting biologic substances for physiologic deficiencies, which often result in suppression of the vital force, the endocrine and the immune systems. Herein lies the development of chronic illness. Homeopathic medicine does not counteract the illness but simply restores the innate intelligence, the vital force, to its optimal level. The vital force will naturally restore order within the entire being and in the entire organism, so that not only the physiologic systems begin to function normally and appropriately, but also the mental and emotional processes are more balanced.



With the same legitimacy as allopathic medicines, homeopathic medicines, which are called remedies, are regulated and  approved by the FDA. Homeopathic medicines are energy medicines made from natural sources that may be classified as part of the mineral, plant or animal kingdom. When a substance is made into a homeopathic medicine, it is put through a dilution process to the point that there is little or none of the original substance left in the final solution. But this final solution bears the imprint of the original substance and all its dynamic characteristics with none of the original chemical components, and therefore, none of the possible toxic effects of the original substance. For this reason, homeopathic medicines are safe and effective for people of all ages including infants and pregnant women.  Taking a remedy that isn’t correct for one’s specific ailment will not harm the person.


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