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From a homeopathic point of view, a child is as much a complete human being as an adult. A child’s psyche is already developed and active right from birth. So even a newborn baby has a personality and temperament, likes and dislikes, response patterns peculiar to him or her. In this no two babies and no two children are identical. Dr Ikenze recognizes the individuality of your child and takes the time to get to know your child through direct interaction with him or her, regardless of your child’s age. Having undergone earlier training as a pediatrician, Dr Ikenze is familiar with all childhood conditions and disorders and well versed in allopathic medicine. She is able to judiciously apply allopathic medicine where necessary while protecting your child’s immune system with homeopathy from the disruptive effects of allopathic medicines. In her  twenty-plus years of integrative healing, Dr Ikenze has successfully treated over five thousand children and adolescents for a wide variety of conditions such as:

  • asthma and allergies and other respiratory disorders
  • eczema
  • chronic ear infections
  • recurrent colds and sinusitis
  • endocrine, growth and developmental disorders
  • sleep and behavior disorders
  • acute and chronic infections
  • gastro-intestinal disorders, malabsorption, parasites, chronic constipation
  • anxiety, depression and mood disorders
  • childhood migraine headaches
  • ADD and ADHD

In addition to treating common ailments such as allergies, asthma, ear and respiratory infections, gastrointestinal disorders, Dr Ikenze provides effective integrative homeopathic treatment for children with severe medical problems in combination with and complementary to ongoing allopathic treatment that a child may be receiving. She has successfully helped children with serious conditions such as neurological and seizure disorders, congenital illnesses, severe infections and cancer.

Dr Ikenze also has extensive experience in treating children and adolescents with attention, mood and behavior disorders without the use of stimulant or antidepressant medication. In cases where stimulant medication may be required, an appropriate homeopathic remedy and minor changes in the child’s diet and surroundings bring about such improvement as to drastically reduce the dose or need for stimulant medication.


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